Illness and the mind

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I read the following a while ago and jotted it down. It caught may attention because a friend of mine has prostate cancer and is trying to work out how best to deal with it. I was about to say combat it, but combat may not be the best way to deal with cancer. Unfortunately illness seems to be a learning experience, maybe not one that people would prefer to have, but once they have it, they need to use the experience to expand their consciousness and change their life. My friend is starting to do that, and I hope he will be able to become healthy again.

If your mind is not on your illness,
a heavy illness will become light
and a light illness will heal by itself.
Keep your own nature peaceful and harmonious.

The mind is master of the body.
If the master is not at ease, the whole body will become disorderly.

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From my journal- July 29 2002 DISTRACTIONS

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