From my Journal – April 13 2002

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The most effective and impressive of the ancient philosophies is Daoism. It is the art of nourishing life and nature. This is the highest value of philosophy- that it can renew health to mind and body, extend longevity. Like Yoga and Buddhism, it has a long history but is still relevant to today’s life. Yoga and Daoism in particular have an important physical aspect- of working with energy and the body which enables it to transform people, not just body but mind too. Daoism works from outside in and inside out, using meditation, visualisation, massage, tao yin, tai chi, chi gong etc. From physical to the spiritual, from spiritual to physical, the whole person is effected and transformation can take place if you are open or it can make you open to it.

The ancient book Nei Yeh (Inner Training) says,

Cultivate your mind, make your thoughts tranquil

And the way can thereby be attained.

So I feel I am starting to attain the Tao and compared to that,  work and effort seem meaningless. I can’t push myself. Am I waiting for something? Inner training also says,

Good fortune will naturally return to you,

And that way will naturally come to you

So you can rely on and take counsel from it.

Bank on the Tao! Rely on the Tao and take counsel from it. Follow your instincts and your spontaneous impulses and desires. Where does this take you? Wherever it takes you. How will you know? Wait for a sign.

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