New Year’s Resolution – January 2004- From My Journal

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This year (2003) I decided to live with no worries, no concerns, and I have basically done it, so why can’t I live next year the same way- no worries, no anxieties, and even add to that more smiles, more pleasure. I want to have the freedom to work creatively on whatever comes up. Whatever comes to me that I respond to I must accept- no choice- and just get on and do the best  I can with whatever I have, and not feel at all inhibited, not hold myself back, but go on with courage, be open, expose myself, be free- live! This is no dress rehearsal.

We should give thanks to the passing year for its blessings and look to the next one with optimism. I just need to acknowledge that in my 60th year on this earth I have no illnesses, take no medicines, all my organs work as they should, I have bodily strength, a good mind, loving relationships- all these are blessings, son, regard them as such and give thanks that your life is so full of beauty and love. Today is the start of a new year bright with promise. Whatever happens- accept and smile. Life is just too strange to understand or worry about. Lighten up, kid, keep reminding yourself of that.

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