Tao Te Ching: Passages on wealth

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Chapter 1

Empty of desire, perceive mystery
Filled with desire, perceive manifestations

Ch 2

The sage lives but does not own

Ch 3
Don’t treasure rare objects, and no one will steal.
Don’t display what people desire
And their hearts will not be disturbed

The sage rules

By emptying hearts and filling bellies
By weakening ambitions and strengthening bones

Ch 7

The sage steps back,
But is always in front.
Stays outside,
But is always within

No self interest?
Self is fulfilled.

Ch 8

Live in a good place
Keep your mind deep.
Treat others well.
Stand by your word.
Make fair rules.
Do the right thing.
Work when it’s time.
Only do not contend,
And you will not go wrong.

Ch 9

When gold and jade fill the hall,
They cannot be guarded.
Riches and pride
Bequeath error.
Withdrawing when work is done: Heaven’s Tao

Ch 11

Having leads to profit,
Not having leads to use.

Ch 12

Exotic goods ensnare human lives.
Therefore the sage takes care of the belly not the eye,
Chooses one, rejects the other.

Ch 15

Those who sustain Tao
Do not wish to be full.

Ch 23

In following Tao:
Thise on the way become the way,
Those who gain become the gain,
Those who lose become the loss.

All within Tao:
The wayfarer, welcome upon the way,
Those who gain, welcome within gain,
Those who lose, welcome within loss.

Ch 29

Trying to control the world?
I see you won’t succeed.
The world is a spiritual vessel
And cannot be controlled.
Those who control, fail.
Those who grasp, lose.

Ch 32

Know when to stop: avoid danger.

Ch 33

Knowing others is intelligent
Knowing yourself is enlightened
Conquering others takes force
Conquering yourself is true strength
Knowing what is enough is wealth

Ch 42

Humans hate:

To be alone, poor and hungry.
Yet Kings and Princes use these words as titles.

We gain by losing
Lose by gaining.

Ch 44

Name or body: which is closer?
Body or possessions: which means more?
Gain or loss: which one hurts?

Extreme love exacts a great price
Many possessions entail heavy loss.

Know what is enough-
Abuse nothing.
Know when to stop –
Harm nothing.

This is how to last a long time.

Ch 46

There is no greatrer calamity
Than not knowing what is enough.
There is no greater fault
Than desire for success.

Therefore, Knowing that enough is enogh
Is always enough.

Ch 53

The government is divided,
Fields are overgrown,
Granaries are empty,
But the nobles’clothes are gorgeous,
Their belts show off swords,
And they are glutted with food and drink.
Personal wealth is excessive.

This is clled thieves’ endowment,
But is not Tao.

Ch 67.

I  possess Three Treasures
to maintain and uphold

first is compassion
second is frugality
third is not presuming to be first under heaven

compassion leads to courage
frugality allows generosity
not presuming to be first
creates a lasting instrument

if I renounced compassion for valour
austerity for extravagance
reluctance for supremacy

I would die

Ch 77

Heaven’s Tao
Is a stretched bow,
Pulling down the top,
Pulling up the bottom.
If it’s too much, cut.
If it’s not enough,
Add on to it:
Heaven’s Tao.

The Human route
Is not like this,
Depriving the poor,
Offering to the rich.
Who has a surplus
And still offers it to the world?
Only those with Tao.

Ch 81

The sage is not acquisitive-
Has enough
By doing for others,
Has even more
By giving to others.

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      May I Know who is the author of this article? Thank you.

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        Passages from The Tao Te Ching, not sure which translation I used,

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