A Cultivator’s Diary Pt 8 (From my journals 2007)

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February 27, 2007

My generation, me included, started our adult lives with great optimism, wanting to change things, to live by different values, not to follow the conventions set by our parents. But we abandoned all that, and as John Carpenter said, we all turned into money-grubbing guys, just like our parents’ generation, perhaps even worse than that.

Is it possible to go back to that earlier state of mind and of being, to want to change things for the better, to live by a different set of values, a more human set. Can I do this for myself before it is too late, before I lose it, age and become useless to myself and others. This would be a great project to set yourself. Are you capable of it? Can you in fact go back to that 11 year old you who you admired so much. This is the great work for you: to reverse your aging, reverse your body and mind, and go back to the state of being of your 11 year old self. Can you do it?McCloskey School photo

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