The Age of Anxiety

The Dawning Of…The Age Of Anxiety

A New Guided Meditation that helps you cope with financial stress and fears.

Running time: Approximately two hours

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If you are suffering anxiety due to financial problems, it’s good to know that there is a new and effective way to help you cope with fear and stress.

The Age Of Anxiety is a guided meditation designed by author and experienced meditator Mark Forstater to help alleviate the effects of stress due to financial problems.

You don’t need to be experienced meditator to use the Age Of Anxiety. It does not require you to sit in a difficult cross-legged position or to breathe in any complicated way. In line with Mark Forstater’s Taoist principles, it is both simple and easy to do, yet highly effective. The Age of Anxiety guided meditation will put your mind and body into a very calm and relaxed state, will help to soothe your nervous system, increase mental clarity and give you more energy.

After the meditation you’ll feel lighter in your being and have a greater sense of security. This will help you gain control over your emotions so you can deal with your problems and fears. Mark Forstater believes that life will not hand you problems that you can’t handle, no matter how difficult they seem. You have great inner resources to help you cope and survive, and this meditation will help you to increase your personal power so you can handle your stress.

The meditation won’t make your problems go away, only you can do that. But it can give you mental and spiritual tools which you can use to deal more effectively with those problems and not let them freeze you in fear. You can then deal with your problems and you can solve them.

If you can find a way to view your problems not only as problems but as opportunities for learning, then you’ll find that overcoming them leads to an increase in personal power and a strengthening of character.

Remember the saying, “What does not kill you makes you stronger.”

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