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From My Journal – A Blue Sky Mind (Am I too lazy to write new posts?)

Jan 12, 2004

The state of non-attachment is a difficult one, because to be in that state means that when you look at people you look at their Buddha nature, their true self, their divinity, if you can see that. If you are a man you don’t look at beautiful women in exclusion to ugly ones, or instead of men etc. Lovely bodies are not there to be lusted after. All bodies are seen as the same- impermanent, void. You can’t look at cars, clothes, houses, anything, with a view to desiring and possessing them. In non-attachment you have an eye of equality since everything (in a scientific sense) is ultimately made of atoms and are all similar. To view the world dispassionately, like the stoics, is to gain freedom of mind, once you are able to look at things as they are, without the bias of personal desires. But how many people can do this? How many young people can live like this?

There are still personal needs, such as food, drink, shelter, clothes, but these ideally should be found in simplicity. The Chinese, and more especially the Japanese, took this simplicity of satisfaction of need and turned it into beauty through making simple but elegant objects to eat and drink from, to wear and to sit on. They transformed the basic and essential into the beautiful.

Learn to see properly. To have a clear blue sky mind is to be free of illusions. No, it is to be free of delusions and thus to understand that our ordinary sight is illusionary. Not that our ordinary world is a phantasm or an illusion spun by some god or other, but that our sight itself is illusionary, in that we do not see what is real. The real cannot be seen. It is only when we close our eyes and turn the light around and look inside that we are able to ‘see’ the real. We still can’t ‘see’ anything, but we have the feeling that we are getting into the right neighborhood, are getting closer to it.

The body is made of ‘matter waves’ (Dancing Wu Li Masters) and the chi is energy waves and may be the source of the matter waves.

A few months before I had painful sciatica down my left leg. It coincided with a rare astrological event (November 2003) that all the astrologers were excited about. I tried many treatments to get rid of it, but in the end Osteopathy (by Robert Zagar cracking my back) got rid 0f the pain. I continue to work on my spleen and stomach meridians, am trying to lose the tension in my belt meridian and in the neck and shoulders.  I have definitely freed up these energy waves so that my body feels lighter, more energetic and vital than it has for a very long time.

To have a free and supple body with no tension is the ultimate and such a body should have a mind that is also without stress, tension and worries- a blue sky kind of mind, one in which the spirit naturally and spontaneously arises. This is the ultimate quest, attaining a Blue Sky mind.

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