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The 2500 Year Old Breath Exercise

This advice on breathing is from Chinese characters inscribed on a piece of jade:

Hold the breath and it collects,

When collected it expands,

When expanded it sinks down,

When it sinks down it gets quiet,

When it becomes quiet it solidifies,

Solidified, it begins to sprout forth,

After it has sprouted it will grow,

As it grows it will be pulled back above,

Pulled back above it will reach the crown of the head,

Above it presses against,

Below it presses down

Whoever follows this will live,

Whoever acts against this will die.

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The Real Deal- Why Exercise is Good For You

Exercise is good for you because it makes you feel good.
How does it do this?

1. Open Air – It gets you outside rather than in a gym
2. Movement – Your body likes to move, your body wants to move
3. Pulse Rate – Movement increases your heart rate
4. Blood Flow – Your heart pumps more blood
5. Circulation – The blood flows all over the body, into the extremities (for males, the penis is an extremity)
6. Oxygen – The blood carries oxygen into your cells, nourishing them
7. Alive – You feel alive, vibrant
8. Good – You feel good

And it costs nothing

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