A Spiritual Almanack- December

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December – Stillness

Hexagram 52- Gen: Keeping Still




Mountain above, mountain below, mountain over mountain is complete stillness. Keeping still is not just resting the body in stillness, but the mind and spirit as well. When sitting cross-legged, one is shaped like a mountain. When we sit in stillness, meditating, we control our breath and our mind, and this cultivates inner strength and virtue. This is the highest state of nonattachment, to become oblivious to one’s surroundings and one’s body.

Confucius said,

The way of the Great learning is to illustrate perfect virtue,

To love people, and to rest in conduct that is perfectly good.

By knowing how to keep still,

One is able to determine what objects to pursue.

By knowing what objects to pursue,

One is able to attain calmness of mind.

By knowing how to attain calmness of mind,

One is able to succeed in tranquil repose.

By knowing how to succeed in tranquil repose,

One is able to obtain careful deliberation.

By knowing how to obtain careful deliberation,

One is able to harvest what one really wants to pursue.

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